IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification

Our green cleaning certification is the most affordable program online today and insures that our member companies are current on safe green practices, training, and regulations.  Yearly green certification is required so our members are thoroughly trained in all current aspects of natural safe eco friendly green cleaning procedures. Members have performed the required 5-6 hours of training to gain their certification. Our members can turn in a green cleaning certificate with their cleaning proposals to insure they meet the standards of your current green cleaning certification program, so your business remains certified. Learn More


IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

HIV, HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS C! Is your staff prepared? IJCSA BIOHAZARD CERTIFICATION provides you the knowledge needed to keep your staff safe. The Federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard was published in 1991. It was designed to reduce and minimize the potential for occupational exposure to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or more commonly referred to HIV, the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and  other human bloodborne pathogens. This audio/visual training program combines photographs, animation and voice over text to make retention of the material easier. The course will inform you about precautions you must take to eliminate the risk of infectious diseases that can be contracted through exposure and the proper methods of handling potential contaminants. Don`t be a statistic. Learn More


IJCSA Business Membership

Improve Your Professional Image: By joining IJCSA you are showing the buying public that you are a professional company and care about your industry. Association membership is very common with professionals. Doctors, Attorneys, Dentists, etc. individually belong to several associations. When these other professionals search for services commonly for them to save time they use other association directories. Learn More


IJCSA Members Get A 10% Discount

Direct Mop Sales Inc.

We are offering IJCSA members a 10% discount from our published website prices at We do sell products in individual units, with no minimum order requirements, as well as bulk quantities and have additional discounts built into our bulk unit pricing. We pay all transportation costs for orders of $60.00 or more shipping anywhere within the 48 contiguous states of the continental US. We do handle international accounts, and use Paypal invoicing for all international orders. Shipping anywhere outside of the contiguous 48 states of the continental US will be based on International customers paying UPS ground transportation charges to the destination location. Please visit our website today for savings!  

Learn More About Direct Mop Sales Inc.

Direct Mop Sales, Inc. was started by Mike Julo Sr. in 2007, after nearly 30 years working in the mop manufacturing industry. In the late 1990’s mop manufacturing companies no longer had easy cost effective access to raw fibers to spin mop yarns and were forced into offshore outsourcing of fibers which led to offshore manufacturing. While working for a prominent mop manufacturing company in the US, as the V.P. of Manufacturing, Mike Sr. was tasked with finding partners offshore ... 

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